Meditative arts are as old as humanity. “Meditation” as a mainstream buzzword easily dilutes the meaning and obscures the practice. Many people often chase different exotic meditation styles and techniques—sometimes traveling to remote global destinations—but forget the goal, making it unnecessarily challenging to embody.

Meditation theory is simple, and the practice is both the journey and the destination. Maintaining awareness of its simplicity makes the meditative practice practical, especially in modern times.

Meditation Medicine events are a deep exploration into how to implement simple and practical meditation practices into our daily lives. They are a relaxing and enlightening experience reminding us who we are.

Relaxing and was able to connect with myself!

Shannon B., Daly City, CA

I love the way the whole session tapped parts of my unconscious mind!

Divya, San Francisco

These workshops are an informative, relaxing, relieving and enlightening experience! I am very grateful to attend each time I am able. Thank you very much.

Amor Luz, San Bruno, CA

Meditation Medicine Events

Meditation Medicine (Day 2)

August 20 @ 5:00 pm6:45 pm PDT

Meditation Medicine (Day 1)

August 19 @ 5:00 pm6:45 pm PDT